• O2matic

    automatic Oxygen titration to better serve patients

  • O2matic

    automatic Oxygen titration to better serve patients

O2matic. Makes the difference.

Evolving technology in line with patient needs

Oxygen (O2) therapy is one of the most frequently administered treatments in hospitals. Given the widespread use of O2 therapy across all medical departments, the O2matic solution was developed to support medical staff in hospitals and respiratory clinics, with a view on securing stable oxygenation of the blood. The O2matic device achieves this by continuously adjusting the flow of oxygen to the patient based on the actual oxygen saturation in the blood, which is measured by standard pulse oximetry.

  • Automates adjustment of oxygen flow according to the target oxygen saturation range (SpO2
  • Reduces episodes with severe and moderate hypoxemia²
  • Automates weaning from oxygen therapy¹
  • Suitable for all oxygen patients at any stage of treatment with reliable SpO2 signal¹

How O2matic works

The main goal of oxygen treatment is to maintain the patient’s blood oxygen levels within the target range. Adjusting oxygen levels is usually a labor-intensive process, requiring nurses to keep close vigilance and perform several spot measurements and manual flow adaptations, until the target levels are met. O2matic makes the process less labor-intensive, while ensuring target oxygen levels are consistently met.

  • O2matic provide smart means to automatically adjust the oxygen flow until the intended oxygen level is reached. As the oxygen level can change over time continuously adapts the flow, so that it stays within the target range.
  • The O2matic device replaces the common pressure regulator – it continuously measures the patient’s blood oxygen levels and, by using proprietary algorithms, automatically adjusts the oxygen flow accordingly. This helps to free up nurse resources and to reduce the risk of insufficient oxygen levels2.

Are you ready for O2matic?

Oxygenation made simple

O2matic, automated oxygen titration:

  • Continuous monitoring of oxygenation (SpO2)
  • Real-time oxygen flow adjustments (close loop system)
  • Continuous data recording
  • Safe and accurate oxygen therapy
  • Less workload for nursing staff
  • Can reduce patient´s length of stay

02matic – easy to use

1. Select SpO2 target range

2. Limit lower and upper flow (if necessary)

  • O2matic automatically adjusts the oxygen flow in real-time in order to keep the patient within target SpO2 range
  • O2matic can also reduce the oxygen flow, as long as the patient stays within the target SpO2 range (weaning)

Special Benefits of O2matic

O2matic can save valuable working time for nursing staff, especially in strained health care systems

  • Reduction of patient visits to measure SpO2 and adjust oxygen flow
  • Less visits of nursing staff to quarantine areas

O2matic can support administration

  • Real-time measurement of oxygenation (SpO2) and real-time adaptation of oxygen flow, if needed
  • Continuous oxygen monitoring combined with several alarm functions and data recording

O2matic allows to target an oxygen saturation range

With current methods, oxygen is delivered according to recommended flow rates.​

O2matic provides an additional option. It allows to target the peripheral capillary oxygenation directly. In order to achieve that, a lower and an upper saturation limit is set, so that O2matic’s smart algorithms can adapt the flow rate automatically, in order to achieve the targeted oxygenation. The target range can be determined according to the individual´s medical needs. The lower saturation limit helps to avoid hypoxemia and the upper limit helps to avoid over-oxygenation.​

Further information on O2matic:

  • Oxygen delivery device that automatically adjusts the oxygen flow to the patient’s needs, based on real-time data (SpO2, Flow, pulse).
  • User defined target SpO2 range (80 %– 100%)
  • Oxygen Flow = 0-15 Lpm (0-20 Lpm in manual mode)
  • Oximeter Signal Alarm delay (0 – 300secs)
  • Monitoring of SpO2, O2Flow and pulse
  • The device can be used in 2 modes:
  • The “O2matic” mode (automatic oxygen titration), by default
  • The manual mode with monitoring (“digital flowmeter”; 0-20Lpm)
  • Alarm functions are available for SpO2, flow, pulse, NO oxygen source connected, necessary O2 flow cannot be delivered (e.g. tubing blocked)

Works with all oxygen sources, including wall outlet and LIV or LIViQ Cylinders

Monitored parameters are recorded, thus being available for inclusion in the patient´s record and for proof of adequate treatment.

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